What is VRF?

VRF is an air conditioning system which  a lot of indoor units are connected to one or several outdoor units. Expansion of VRF is “Variable Refrigerant Flow” in addition to this we can call VRV as “Variable Refrigerant Volume” and VRS as “Variable Refrigerant System” in different brands. All different names have same working principles.


What are the advantages of VRF Systems?

The homes we live, offices we work, public buildings, hospitals and schools have new needs within modern architecture and developing city life. One of the most important need is HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning)

In both of buildings that we live and work it is very imortant for our health and comfort to set climatic conditions such temperature, humidity and fresh air as requested.

When VRF/VRV systems climatisate ambient according to people needs; these products are preferred by investors, contractors and users because of energy saving, eco-friendly, easy installation and low investment cost issues at the same time.


Hybrid Engineering VRF Systems

Hybrid Engineering makes difference in VRF/VRV systems with innovative approach, quality focused services and wide product range.

We think that our VRF/VRV products and services are important not only for domestic market, but also overseas too. We also believe in serving for export markets with value added engineering, therefore we will present our country better in the world.

Hybrid Engineering provides optimum solutions by considering investment costs and operating costs together. We are following technological developments in VRF/VRV systems and study hard to adopt ourselves today’s digital world. Thus we suggest our customers proper products and services by considering stock/spare parts availability too.

After decision of brand, our company organize the shipment from factory to customs and from customs to abroad together. We have a wide experience about customs clearance operations which is helpful for our customers.

Onwards we install VRF/VRV products in construction site. It means also piping, installation of indoor units,outdoor unit, loading of refrigerant, testing of system  to prevent leakage by using nitrogen. Installation of signal cables, remote controllers and central controller and  finally commissioning of VRF/VRV system.

After commissioning we keep in touch with our customers with after sales services. We monitor the system by using central controllers, have maintenance operation which prevents failure, increase the lifecycle of products and decrease energy consumption.

Finally Hybrid Engineering contribute with “trouble shooting & supply of spare parts” operations in VRF/VRV systems.