Project and Consultancy

Preparation of the air conditioning project by coordinating with the relevant units to meet the needs and expectations of all investors, contractors, architects and mechanical-electrical contracting companies.

System Solutions and Sales

Companies’ initial investment costs, energy-maintenance, etc. Selection of air conditioning systems by considering all the criteria such as operating expenses and ensuring the required comfort conditions, and management of the sales and shipment processes of the relevant devices.


In buildings where air conditioning systems are applied; To ensure that the system works more efficiently, to control all devices belonging to the system, to control the devices with the building management system and smart home systems, and to measure energy consumption values.

After sales services

Controls, interconnectors, etc. required for the operation of devices and equipment used in air conditioning systems. installation, necessary insulation, copper pipes, cables, etc. for the relevant system. installing the installation, performing the necessary tests and checks before operating the system, and commissioning the system.

Providing periodic maintenance services after commissioning in order to increase the energy efficiency of the system, ensure the efficient operation of the devices and prevent malfunctions.

Provision of spare parts and related services and intervention in case of malfunction.