Why heat pump?

Recently, energy becomes more important that energy prices increase day by day and it is very difficult to find it even you have money because of world’s current situation.

Furthermore with the development of society and economy, people are paying more and more attention to health, comfort and well-being, which makes the protection of the environment and the comfort of living conditions very important.

Why air to water heat pump?

Air to water heat pump uses free renewable energy from the outside air as heat source for space heating and hot water, which reduces energy demand significantly and increases the percentage of renewables in heating. It is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution of home comfort without need of natural gas.

75% renewable energy + 25% electric energy → 100% available heating

With the air to water heat pump, you can achieve heating, cooling and hot water processes in a single device.

It is easy to assemble with its monoblock (single body) structure. It is compact, durable, efficient and requires low energy costs. It also works in areas where the outside temperature drops down to -20 °C depending on humidity.

Heat pump offers an integrated solution to guarantee the total comfort in your home. Leaving water temperature ranges from 5°C to 55°C, which provides comfortable cooling and heating for users. The terminal devices can be fan coil, under floor heating and radiator. In addition, the unit can be connected to a domestic hot water tank to provide users with hot water for bathroom and other uses.

Heat pump can remove the need for traditional gas or oil boilers to solve the problems caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

What are the features and benefits of heat pumps?

  • High efficiency
  • Wide operation range
  • Comfortable
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Convenient control