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Our Article Published In The Journal :

We Integrate Solar Panels Into Air Conditioning Systems
Yüksel Gökmen, founder of hybrid engineering “ ” the importance of energy is increasing every day, and we also produce electricity with solar panels for the places we climate with low energy consumption.”

Can you briefly tell us about hybrid engineering?
With 15 years of experience in air conditioning and energy solutions, we offer turnkey services in commercial and industrial air conditioners with project/engineering, product supply and application services. After commissioning of the systems, we are in constant contact with our customers with elements such as maintenance, spare parts supply and remote monitoring.
In the air conditioning sector; as Turkey, we saw that our products and services are very important not only at home, but also abroad, and we started exporting. We believe that providing value-creating systems for investors in export markets will contribute to the development of our country, and we continue our work in this direction.

Can you tell us about your product and service diversity?
VRF / VRV systems, chiller, fan coil, heat pump, air handling units, fan and filter with a wide range of products such as heating, cooling ventilation market.
We have already integrated elements such as soil, water, which are environmentally friendly and reduce energy consumption into our systems. Recently, we have added photovoltaic solar panels to our product range with the horizon that business abroad has opened for us.
We do business with the B2B model and bring products to the market, whose technology is changing every day. For this reason, choosing the right product and system to meet the customer’s expectations is very important. With our design, exploration and engineering services, we offer optimal solutions taking into account all the criteria such as initial investment costs, energy consumption costs and providing the necessary comfort conditions.

What Are The Sectors You Serve?
We can list the areas we serve as follows: offices, educational and medical institutions, cafes and restaurants, shopping malls, housing, villas, hotel projects and public institutions.

What are your views on the impact of the pandemic process on your industry?
With the pandemic, it became important to clean the air and keep it fresh in confined spaces where our products are constantly used. In addition, maintaining and cleaning devices regularly and more frequently than in the past has become a priority for businesses. Finally, technologies such as HEPA filter, UV-C sterilization have started to take more part in our lives.