Air flow deflector for split air conditioners: it aims the air that comes directly onto people at different angles. It prevents symptoms brought on by air conditioning, so it creates good cooling in the surrounding area.

  • It consists of two separate pieces of 60 cm. The product is transparent, and the sleeve color is white.
  • They have connections for use with all 60- to 115-cm air conditioners. Its width is 24 cm.
  • It can be modified to fit your particular air conditioner’s size. It fits on all air conditioners that have a capacity of 9k – 12k -18k – 24k Btu/h.
  • Its design is wide, curved, and aerodynamic.
  • The assembly is quite easy. The clamps are put under the air conditioner during installation. Therefore, techniques such as drilling into the wall, driving, tightening with screws, and the like are rendered unnecessary.
  • The wings of an air deflector are easy to detach for cleaning.


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